Seven bloody buggering hells!

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Adhara Phoenix
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adhara, 29, spanish. living in germany. videogame tester.
through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered...
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this lj
disjointed entries about fandom, fanfic, personal life and originals. some in english, some in spanish, not very active at the moment

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you can friend me, it's fine. you can also defriend me, and that's fine, too.

i <3
angela chase. captain reynolds, jayne/kaylee, river tam. jonesy/sofie, jonesy. jaqen h'ghar, jaqen/arya, the hound, the red viper, the sand snakes, margaery/sansa, jaime/brienne. richard harrow. derek/cameron, jess/riley. claire fisher. snape/lily, luna lovegood. al swearengen, seth bullock, trixie. lenny nero, lenny/macey. titus pullo. jules/jess.

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20th century boys, adam copeland, adrien brody, al swearengen, alanis morissette, angel, angel/faith, angela chase, angelina jolie, angelus, angst, arya stark, asoiaf, bedford falls, ben hawkins, blancapordios, brother justin crowe, buffy the vampire slayer, carnivàle, chantal kreviazuk, christian slater, cirque du soleil, claire danes, clayton jones, clea duvall, clive owen, darth vader, david boreanaz, dead like me, deadwood, derek reese, derek/cameron, dollhouse, dystopian futures, edinburgh, edinburgh cyrenians, eliza dushku, elle/maya, emma thompson, ender wiggin, escribir, ewan mcgregor, faith, fanart, fanfiction, femslash, firefly, george rr martin, gollum, invernalia, ismael serrano, italy, jack/tru, jaqen, jaqen/arya, jareth, jayne/kaylee, jon snow, jorah/daenerys, jordan catalano, joss whedon, kanna, kara thrace's belly, labyrinth, ladyhawke, lauren ambrose, lenny nero, lenny/macey, liam neeson, lily/snape, loras/renly, lord of the rings, margaery/sansa, maya, michael ende, michael wincott, mr tumnus/lucy, muffins, my so-called life, nanowrimo, nevernever, neverthatclever, night's watch, nine inch nails, oberyn martell, obi-wan kenobi, once and again, otcho, otcho/kanna, patrick fugit, petra arkanian, python, queer as guard, rainbow guard, ralph fiennes, ray/neela, renly/loras, river phoenix, river tam, rodents, roomies, sandor clegane, sarah connor, scotland, sharon den adel, sir dydimus, six feet under, smeagol, snakes, snape/lily, something corporate, sonata arctica, star wars, steven spielberg, strange days, sylar, sylar/maya, the gem saloon, the hound, the night of wishes, the red viper, the sarah connor chronicles, the thing called love, the wall, tito pullo, trent reznor, tru calling, tyrion lannister, vh, violet baudelaire, westeros, wikipedia, winterfell, within temptation, writing, zachary quinto